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What exactly is Islamic clothing, Muslim clothingor Islamic Attire?
That’s an interesting question, and one that has many different answers, depending on who you ask.  You could say that Islamic clothing is the same thing as Muslim clothing, which is clothing worn by people of the Islamic faith, also called Muslims. 
But is all clothing worn by Muslims, Islamic clothing?  And is all Islamic clothing, only worn by Muslims?  Not necessarily. Being a company that sells Islamic clothing for women, men and kids, we get asked such questions a lot. So we decided to take a journey and explore the Islamic clothing world, to shed some light on the matter.
Islam is the second most widely practiced religion in the world and also the fastest growing in terms of new converts, with 23% of the world’s population or about 1.6 billion adherents. While Muslims are most prevalent in Asia, followers of Islam are found in almost every country in the world. Although Islam began in Arabia, by 2002 80% of all Muslims lived outside the Arab world.

When you ask people not of the Muslim faith the question: ‘What is Islamic clothing?’  You get a description (mostly based on media portrayals) that generally matches traditional/ethnic Arab dress. People will usually talk about loose long caftans or kaftans, paired with some form of headgear, like a turban or long flowing scarf.
The reality is that although Islamic and Muslim clothing does have a common set of rules and guidelines that govern it, Islamic attire and Muslim wear can be as varied as the person wearing it. And Muslim clothing and Muslim fashion is influenced by many things like the ethnicity, education, socioeconomic status, geographic location, level of adherence to the faith of the wearer, and even the weather! And considering that over 80% of Muslims don’t even live in the Arab world, long flowing caftans and turbans are not necessarily representative of modern Islamic attire, and usually describe just the Islamic clothing of a small subset of the Muslim population.

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